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Tips for Selecting an At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit


Everyone loves to have a bright and white smile and this is one feature that will make your face more attractive as well. People tend to become self-conscious when they have teeth discolouration but this is an easy thing to fix and it will boost your confidence as well.

You can visit your dental clinic to get professional teeth whitening or you can purchase a teeth whitening kit Berwick. There are many such kits in the market so you should know what you are looking for in order to have best results. One of the first things you should do is check the ingredients on the whitening kit. Some of the common ingredients you will find in these kits are carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

These ingredients will break down stains on the tooth surface. The effectiveness of these ingredients depends on the concentration as well. While many people will consider higher concentrations to be more effective, there is also a safe concentration that you need to use. You can check recommended guidelines for teeth whitening kits when it comes to concentration so that you know you are using a safe product.

When the concentration of the ingredients is higher

It can increase the risk of developing tooth sensitivity. While it can be frustrating to wait a long time to see an improvement, it is best to progress gradually so that you don’t have to suffer from tooth sensitivity for the rest of your life. You should also consider how the teeth whitening kit is used.

There are many application methods you will come across such as LED lights, strips, pens and trays. There are pros and cons to each method so you need to consider your expectations for teeth whitening when selecting an application method. Whitening strips have been around for a long time and these strips are coated in a whitening gel. You can apply this to the teeth for the recommended duration. It is always impotent to read the instructions so that you know what the process entails.

There are also tray based whitening kits where your teeth are fitted with custom trays

These will apply whitening gel onto the surface of the teeth. You will have a more targeted application of the whitening gel with a pen. LED lights are generally used to activate the whitening gel. You need to think about your comfort level when choosing the right application. You can also ask your dentist for more information about this and see whether they have a recommendation.

You should also read the details on the duration for the whitening kit and the regimen required. Some kits have to be used daily and you will need to use the, for a few weeks. There are also kits that come with shorter treatment periods. It all depends on your lifestyle and what kind of regimen you can keep up with. And it is very important to follow the instructions on the whitening kit so that you get the required results.

Gloria Kinney
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