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What to Know About NAD+ Supplements


NAD+ supplements or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide supplements have become popular over the years for their anti-ageing benefits. NAD+ is what helps the heart pump blood and the lungs to inhale and exhale. It is a vital component for all living cells in the body to generate energy.

There is a link between ageing and NAD+ production. There have been many clinical studies that look into this connection. It has been found that there are changes related to age that occurs with reduced levels of NAD+ levels in the body. The NAD+ reserves in the body can actually halve when we are in the age forties and sixties. And this can cause many issues that are age related. But we can replenish our NAD+ reserves in order to combat ageing and improve quality of life when we age. This is where a NAD+ supplement booster comes in. You may have seen supplements that are labelled as NAD, NAD+ and NADH. This can get a bit confusing when you are looking for an anti-ageing dietary supplement. NAD is the collective term for the other two forms. NAD continuously changes its structure from NAD+ to NADH. There are also other supplements that boost NAD such as niacin. Niacin is a NAD+ precursor. This will become NAD+ once it goes through many chemical conversions. Nicotinamide or NAM is also a precursor to NAD.

NMN is a precursor to NAD+ and it is a molecule that is derived from nicotinamide and riboside. There are many studies that look at the use of NMN for anti-ageing and therapeutic applications. There are several supplements in the market that are used to boost NAD levels in the body. There are NAD+ and NMN supplements that will require breaking down into smaller precursors. The reason they need to be broken down is that they are too big to enter through the cell walls. The precursors that are able to enter the cell walls directly because of their small size are NR, niacin and nicotinamide. There are certain side effects of supplements. For example, when niacin is activated, it can cause flushed skin and itching. But this is not seen in other supplements that boost NAD+.

Nicotinamides will not have the same effect as flushing of the skin that niacin can do. But it has an effect on the sirtuin activity in the body cells that are required for cell maintenance. There are many pathways when it comes to boosting the NAD+ levels in your cells. Some pathways are quicker than others and will give you benefits in a shorter time. You need to consult with your family doctor before you start a supplement so that you understand the drawbacks as well as the benefits. This will help you make an informed decision. In addition to supplementing, you can adopt certain habits that will contribute to anti-ageing such as having a balanced diet, exercising regularly and wearing protection whenever you go outside in the sun.

Gloria Kinney
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