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5 Basic Ways to Naturally Boost Your Fertility


Desiring to bring a life into this world is a beautiful thing, it is truly a divine experience. There are many people in these present times who want a child more than anything else in this world. However, most  do not realize that preparation to have a child prior to conception and after is vital.

You have to make sure your body is ready to have a baby. Additionally, you have to ensure you have given your body what it requires to increase the chances of having a baby and elevate fertility for the birth of a healthy child. You can increase levels of fertility in your daily life in a natural manner. Here are a few simple ways you can naturally boost your fertility:

1.      Antioxidants are your Best Friend

Eat more food items that are full of antioxidants, as they increase fertility not just in women but in males too. Antioxidants have the ability to deactivate and dismantle harmful radicals that cause immense damage to the egg cells and sperm. Keep your diet full of fruits, veggies, nuts and grains and you’ll be having a baby in no time!

2.      Say Goodbye to Trans Fats

Consuming healthy fats is vital to fertility. However, eating food rich in trans fats could elevate infertility in the ovaries. I would recommend avoiding too much fast food, using certain types of vegetable oils, margarine and stay away from unhealthy processed food to remain in the safe zone. Men are also negatively affected by this in terms of fertility.

3.      Cut Down the Carbs (For PCOS)

If you are a female struggling with PCOS, cutting down on carbs is of extreme importance. By lowering your carb levels,you can maintain a good weight, decrease levels of insulin, increase fat loss and it can assist in achieving a regular period. Cut down on the sugary refined carbs and processed grains.

4. Find Protein Alternatives

Replace animal proteins such as fish or pork with more vegetable proteins such as nuts and beans. This can decrease the risks of infertility significantly. There are studies that have proved this fact. For example, one particular study demonstrated that when five percent of calories came from vegetable proteins rather than animal proteins, the risk pertaining to ovulatory infertility reduced by 50%.

Why don’t you try out this diet for a while and then get tested? You could shop ovulation tests today! Then later on take the test and see the results yourself.

5.      Stay Active

Start getting more active and do it consistently. Exercise has many benefits and elevating fertility is one of them. The main point here being moderation. Excessive exercise could reduce fertility in women, so females have to work out and stay active at a particular intensity level for a specific period of time.

Exercising in an excessive way could alternate your energy levels and have a negative effect on fertility, visit a doctor and consult a trainer before getting into a workout regime when you want to get pregnant.

Use these basic tips, incorporate them into your lifestyle and you could have a baby sooner than you think!

Gloria Kinney
the authorGloria Kinney