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5 Reasons Why Video Content Marketing Is More Significant Than Ever


Video marketing is one form of content marketing that is growing in significance. Video content is increasingly used by marketers to raise their online profile credentials and brand credentials among stakeholders and customers.

When video content is produced well as done by video advertising agency Brisbane it can be an effective way for a brand to communicate what it stands for and what it offers vs competition to a large audience. What’s more video content is an effective strategy for both B2B and B2C. 

Explain your product: video is an effective way to introduce or explain the benefits of your product or service to potential customers. Audiences can grasp messaging effectively via video communication and businesses can clearly explain what they offer using video content vs only text and pictures. A clear understanding of the product or service helps potential customers make an informed decision about how it can help them.

Greater ROI: although the return on investment from your video content is based on multiple factors, including the quality of the video and its content and your overall content strategy for your product or service, research suggests video generates good returns. Today, video production is not as expensive and complex to produce as it used to be and while you can do it yourself using available easy-to-use tools and technology if you want a professional job done and can spare the cost, the benefits of recruiting a video production company outweigh the costs involved. 

Usage versatility: there are many ways in which a business can use video to achieve its objectives. Apart from YouTube which is an obvious platform to post video content, there are other social platforms that a business can choose to post videos, depending on the communications strategy the business wants to pursue. If social platforms are not what the business wants to communicate through, video content is an effective way to get messages across via other methods such as webinars or content on its own or partner websites. Video can also be used to engage with customers on a one-on-one basis either via live video or pre-recorded messages.  

Audiences like interacting with video content: video content is by far one of the most popular ways that audiences consume content and interact with businesses, products and services. While video content continues to flood social and business communication platforms, audiences have greater access to video content through technological advancements which have made it both cheap and convenient to watch video content across geographical borders. There is enough evidence to suggest that if a business does not produce video content for its target groups then the business is missing out on a big opportunity to engage with its audiences. Videos help with SEO: your business can land on the first page of Google if you upload video content that targets common search terms on YouTube because Google includes videos on YouTube at the top of the page for several search terms.

Gloria Kinney
the authorGloria Kinney