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Common Causes of Toothaches


We have all experienced a toothache at some point in our life. There are many reasons for a toothache to occur and they also present in different ways. Sometimes your gums can be inflamed or you can experience pain when pressure is applied to the gums.

You should visit Ballart Dentists right away when you experience a toothache. It is recommended to visit the dentists twice a year to examine your teeth and stay on top of your oral health. A common reason for tooth decay is dental cavities. This happens when you don’t brush or floss frequently. A cavity can grow deeper into the teeth with time. You may not notice a cavity in the beginning and this can cause a toothache later on. This is why it is so important to visit the dental clinic as they will be able to spot any issues that you have missed. When cavities are not treated, it can infect the tooth and in severe cases, you may need to remove the tooth. There are some things you can do at home to alleviate the pain such as rinsing with salt water. You can also apply a cold compress to your cheek to get some relief.

Gum disease or periodontal disease is caused when there is plaque buildup. Bacteria will accumulate here and it will cause your gums to become swollen and red. Your gums can start bleeding as well. If no treatment option is followed, it can cause tooth loss. To protect your teeth against these diseases, you need to brush and floss your teeth daily. You can also use an antibacterial mouthwash. When there is an infection in the tooth, there can be an abscess. When infection reaches the centre of the tooth which is called the pulp chamber, you will experience swollen gums and a lot of pain. The root of the tooth can be infected in severe cases. If you are experiencing swollen gums, pain when pressing on the tooth or see redness of the gums, it is best to put an appointment at the nearest dental clinic.

Many people experience pain when their wisdom teeth erupt. You will feel that the back of your mouth is tender and has become red. You can have your wisdom teeth removed to alleviate the pain. Sometimes you can suffer an injury where a tooth gets knocked out or broken. You need to visit a dentist right away to fix this. A broken tooth can have jagged edges that can cut your cheeks and gums. To prevent this, you need to apply some gum or tape some gauze over the broken edge. If your tooth falls out, the first this you should do is try to see if it can be fitted back inside the socket. You will need to bite down gently on it so that it stays in place. Sometimes, you may not be able to fit it inside the socket. And in this case, you can preserve the tooth in whole milk or saliva until you reach the dental clinic.

Gloria Kinney
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