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No Need To Retrofit Clothes to Breastfeed


I know when I was a new mom I was at a loss of how I could dress comfortably, find clothes to fit my postpartum body, and breastfeed all at the same time. That is the main reason I decided to put my pattern and cutting skills to work to design a line of clothing that does it all.

A lot of new mums will try to retrofit clothes off the rack to accommodate all of their needs because they just can’t find what they want.

Postpartum Body Styles

None of us are spared having a postpartum body. We have undergone too many changes for everything to pop back into place right after we give birth. However, by looking at the postpartum body, together with the need to be comfortable and still be able to breastfeed I was able to get my creative juice flowing to identify all of the following issues:

  • Fuller Chest: Once you have your baby that full chest is going to become more function than form. You will want to find clothes that feel comfortable on your breasts without too much undo attention, while allowing you to breastfeed discreetly and comfortably. Some women feel they have to find lower cut tops to allow for “easy access” to breastfeed but are not comfortable wearing them. I’ve designed breastfeeding tops from tanks to tees and jerseys to pretty tie fronts that make you feel comfortable, allow you to breast feed and even help provide the proper fit for a fuller chest without showing too much cleavage or being clingy.
  • Tummy Troubles: It is also common to feel a little self-conscious about that tummy area and we all have an urge to throw on a baggy sweatshirt and pants. It might be comfortable – but most of us don’t feel we look as best we can by going out in our trackies. I have designed clothes with two purposes. First, high waisted pants are comfortable and help soften the tummy lines. Secondly, my breastfeeding tops and nursing dresses draw the eye away from your tummy with pretty, not too flared designed in funky patterns and pretty solids that allow you to feel good, look good and breastfeed with ease.

Gloria Kinney
the authorGloria Kinney